Tesla and Musk have made it no secret that they have little patience for scrutiny, often lashing out at journalists and news outlets that dare to report on their companies.

Journalists who have attempted to cover Tesla and Musk have faced a host of consequences for their work.

Reporters have been threatened with legal action, and some have even been banned from Tesla press events and had their credentials revoked.

In some cases, the consequences have gone far beyond legal threats. Reporters have been harassed online, with some receiving death threats for their coverage of Tesla.

The most famous example of this happened in 2018 when an investigative journalist, Kirsten Korosec, wrote an article about Tesla and received a flurry of hate mail and death threats.

In other cases, they have been targeted with false information and conspiracy theories in an attempt to discredit their work.

As a society, we should be concerned about the consequences journalists face for covering Tesla and Musk.

A free press is essential for democracy, and journalists should be able to report on these tech giants without fear of retribution.