Miss Wisconsin is set to take the stage at the Miss America 2023 pageant and is sure to be remembered as a beauty queen to remember.

A native of Wisconsin, Miss Wisconsin has always had an affinity for pageant and worked towards achieveing it.

She’s made sure to stay up to date on current events, practice her interview skills, and work on her stage presence.

Miss Wisconsin has also made it a point to serve her local community.She's been Always helpful towards everyone

She’s volunteered her time at various food banks, soup kitchens, and animal shelters.Miss Wisconsin has been an inspiration to many and her story is sure to be remembered.

In her free time, she’s also been working on her platform, which focuses on mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Miss Wisconsin believes that her dedication and hard work will help her stand out at the Miss America 2023 pageant.

She’s confident in her ability to present herself well and show the judges that she’s a worthy candidate for the crown.