California new bacon law l New California laws 2022

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California new bacon law: New California laws 2022

California new bacon law

According to reports, a group of restaurants and grocery stores in California has filed a lawsuit to block the implementation of the new farm animal welfare law, this added extra uncertainty about will bacon and other pork products(concerning  California pork law) will be more expensive or not in the short supply.

These rules will take effect on the Day of the new year.

This was a three-year process of enacting  the rules and it was overwhelmingly approved by the voters,

But all this said and the done question remains whether the law is set to begin or not. So Don’t get any ideas about the California bacon ban or something like that

Let’s talk about the other new updated laws,

New California compost law 2022:

New California compost law 2022:

This new California composting law may decide how we dispose of the food in the upcoming year.
From January 2022 you can no longer toss out food scraps like banana peels or veggies into the trash.

Instead, People will put excess food in the waste bins then cities and counties do their job to turn this waste into compost, creating a new source of energy for us.

What do you think this new compost law in California works out.

New California gun laws 2022. Are these different from California gun laws 2021?

California gun laws 2022.

California Governor Gavin Newson decided to use abortion laws in California by U.S Supreme Court ruling.

This is to design a law that would allow all private citizens to sue some of the gun manufacturers, distributors, and sellers.

On Friday the Supreme court left in effect Texas law that will allow private citizens to sue anyone who performs or assists a woman in getting an abortion after the six weeks of pregnancy.

In response to the above Texas law, California assault weapons ban called out by Newson

In his statement on Saturday night, the governor said he was outraged by the court’s failure in a decision Friday to enforce longstanding constitutional protections in favor of abortion rights.

What is the California booster car seat law?

California booster car seat law

According to California booster seat law, a  child can ride in a booster seat or the harnessed car seat until they become  8 years old or they should have a height of 4 feet 9 inches.

Also, you need to follow manufacturers’ minimum and maximum size requirements for your seat while most of the manufacturers now require an age of 4 years 4 feet tall and 40 pounds weight.

Although most of the children do not fit properly in the adult’s seatbelt until they are 10 to 12 years old to pass the 5 step test.

If you wish to know more check the official website.

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