Crypto Mines Eternal went from leading the crypto NFT Gaming space to..

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Crypto Mines Eternal went from leading the crypto NFT Gaming space to

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Crypto Mines Eternal went from leading the crypto NFT Gaming space to a 3 + billion market cap at over $800 a token to in about a week to $3 a token and a 15 million market cap
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Credits: Coinmarketcap

What is Crypto Mines Eternal?

Cryptomines is a Play to Earn NFT game where you’ll progress by acquiring Mining Power. MP is limited by the number of workers you’ve currently minted and hired, the more Mining power you have, the more options will be unlocked by the federation, harder difficulties, and greater rewards await on the most difficult Planets. 

In order to hire your workers, you will need Spaceships in order to transport them to your desired adventure, these ships will be needed in order to hire more workers, and get more Mining Power. 

For example, if we have a Rarity 1 Spaceship, you will only be able to hire 1 worker, however, if you have a Rarity 5 Spaceship, you’ll be able to hire 5 Workers. Each worker must be minted and will be assigned a random mining power depending on their rarity, same as ships, buy more ships, hire more workers and unlock your greatest potential. 

What are my thoughts on crashes?

Looking like this project is toast. Be careful out here everyone. Crypto is an unregulated risky space and just as there sometimes seems like an endless amount of ways to make money, there are that many ways if more to lose money.

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