Elon musk SpaceX Starlink satellites – Got Mistaken for UFO’s

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Elon musk SpaceX Starlink satellites – Got Mistaken for UFO’s

In the above video, you can see that people across various social media platforms are reacting to this scenic view.

Checkout These reactions from People:


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This is the first step taken by Elon Musk On his trillionaire journey.

Morgan Stanley predicted a $100 billion base valuation for SpaceX, chiefly driven by innovations within Starlink.
“We have long seen SpaceX as multiple companies in one,” the report states. “But the largest contributor to our estimated $100 billion base case valuation for the company ($200 billion bull case) is the Starlink LEO sat comms business which has had a number of important milestones in recent months.”
So what do you think will Elon Musk be the first trillionaire of the modern era.

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