What is plan C Covid UK I Covid cases news I Everything you need to know

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What is plan C Covid UK I Covid cases news?

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Recently Residents of the UK are confused about and searched on the internet for boris johnson plan c,
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The UK is facing rising infection rates from the Omicron variant. So to control the surging government announced plan ‘C’ to slow down rising cases.

So now rises the question what are plan b restrictions?

  • From now on working from home will be strongly encouraged.
  • Face masks will be compulsory in most indoor public places (Doesn’t include Hospitality)  & Public transport.
  • NHS health passports were made compulsory in Clubs and Large venues.

Looking at these rules don’t you think that it is weird? If you have a pass you can go and party but you will have to work from home at any cost….?

As rules of Plan B not that good government decided to work on Potential Plan C restrictions.  

Then what are plan C restrictions?

  • It will involve banning household gatherings at Christmas and other festivals.

(But these are speculations by a scientific officer)

But the government disagrees with the existence of Plan C. It comes as a no surprise for us though.  Banning Christmas would be much unpopular.

But wait there is more Covid plan d and Covid Plan e.

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